Good morning everyone! young haddie

I hope everyone is good this morning and ready to continue this story. I will give it back to dad now and I hope you enjoy!

Good morning! So after losing the little guy we decided that was it, we were not going to get another one anytime soon. Then Mary’s sister, who had Haddie originally, felt so bad for Mary that she asked if we wanted her and that is when Haddie became a member of our family. It did not take long for Mary to fall in love with this little bundle of fun! She was very cute and energetic, but you could not touch her without her jumping forward like she had been hit with a hot iron for the longest time (ya’ll were sooo big!!!, she says, lol) but soon she was in Mary’s lap every time you looked. Seeing how much Mary loved her I knew she was a gift from God, a companion that brought joy into our lives and made a big impact on us all.

We were new to having a pet pig and we made some mistakes that, for anyone who is reading this that are thinking about getting a piggy for their home, might help them avoid making by pointing them out. First, let me just say that Haddie is a very smart pig, as most of them are and Mary had her litter box trained within 1 to 2 weeks. This was amazing to me because we have a chihuahua that still has “accidents” no matter how many times you let her out (sorry Rainey). The one thing we had to learn the hard way is pigs do not have whatever we have that tells us we are full and no longer hungry. They would eat until everything in front of them is gone!! We thought we were not feeding her enough because she acted like she was starving all the time, this was a big one for us and it caused us problems later on (hey, that is ok dad and I am hungry, like now!)

It looks like it is feeding time here so I am going to continue this tonight before I get rooted out of my chair! (I’m coming Haddie!) Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and we will see you this evening hopefully, God Bless.


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