Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday! We at the R&M are trying to take it easy today but taking care of Haddie and her brood is a full-time thing and we love every minute of it!

There is never a dull moment around here either with this bunch. For those who don’t know, we have the piggy ladies Haddie, Francine and Jolene along with Rainy, our chihuahua, and Missy, a cat I rescued from our front yard when she was a kitten and who now has 3 kittens of her own. Feeding time around here is something to experience at least once, but only once, if you’re the impatient type. It is not that bad as long as you stick to the routine and are quick with the delivery of said food.

Many people don’t know how pigs really are, except what they have seen in the movies and on TV, which is how really wild hogs can be. Put in a situation where they were caught young and raised in close proximity to a human, they become tame and even docile. Now take and raise one in your home and you will find out how loving they are, how obedient they can become and you will be surprised by what you learn about yourself. Haddie continually amazes us with her capacity to love, and at times we don’t even see it coming until it is staring us in the face. Last night Haddie was on her carpet in the living room when on of the kittens, who was on a footstool, decided she wanted to jump on Haddies back. We did not know what was going to happen but Haddies reaction said it all. Here is a picture of the event:  IMG_0273

the kitten is kinda dark but she was riding around and Haddie didn’t act wild or try to run. She treats the baby kittens with, well, kitten gloves so to speak. If anyone ever tries to convince you that you can never take the wild out of pigs, just show them this picture, that should shut them down. I just wanted to share this event with you and hope you spread the word around. Please like and share if you enjoy reading this and feel free to leave comments below. Also Haddie now has a Twitter page: @haddiemae04 and an Instagram feed: haddiegirl04 please look her up and follow her there for more pics and up to date content.


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