young haddie Hello, how is everyone?

I have something to say and I really don’t want to but, mom said I need to so I can help others like me. By “like me” I mean, upset and hard to get along with my sisters “like me”. I have to admit it (but I don’t WANT to) but I am jealous of the girls, Francine and Jolene. I need to say that, in my defense, it has just been me for the past 4 years and I have had mom all to myself. I liked it the way it was and I did not want things to change but, they did change and in a big way.

I have some issues, medical in nature, that caused my mom to be extra attentive to me on a daily basis and this is perhaps why I was spoiled to the attention. It really is no ones fault, I was born this way and mom, well, she has the biggest and kindest heart around so it was only natural that we bonded so tightly. My mom being the awesome person she is, went and took in 2 rescues that needed a home and someone to show them what love is. Here they are: the girls yes yes they are soooo cute (blah, blah, yada,yada) but they are annoying, (HADDIE!!!!) um, oh I meant, they are SPECIAL. They have been a joy for mom to have around and I think this is what is eating me, what is causing my bad behavior, and I need help learning to get past this jealousy. If any of you loyal fans have any suggestions, please, PLEASE comment below. I know it would mean a lot to mom (Haddie) and yes me too……(sigh) and if you would like to help with our fundraiser please click here.


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