Hello friends!!! I hope you have your happy faces on today, here is mine haddie sad

Today is going to be a great day, I know it in my pig tail and my rooting rooter it is so lets all enjoy it!! You see this morning when dad took me outside the sun was shining, it was still cool and the wind, oh I LOVE the wind, was blowing in at a good pace! I love the wind because of how it feels on my face and the way it moves through my hair but, most importantly, the smells the wind carries with it!! The wind sorta tells me a story, with the smells, stories of what is beyond my yard and it sets my imagination free!! I can almost see the wild deer playing and frolicking around, see the neighbors dogs being lazy on the porch, and all the great scents of the woods. It gets me to thinking about how awesome life is for a lot of us and how we should be thankful for everyday, even the bad ones, because we are not here long. Love often, love deeply and love everyone and please share this message with friends who might need it and thank you for you and who you are! God Bless


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