Good morning friends, I hope everyone is doing well and living large!

I took a small break, an interlude if you will, for a few reasons, some of which I will discuss and some that I will not but please bare with me. You see mom and I lost a dear friend, who shall remain nameless at this time to allow the family to grieve, and we have been naturally upset. I am turning it over to dad now because I need a moment.

I am sorry again sweetie. It has been a sad time as most of you can imagine and that is the reason we wanted to post today. Before Haddie came into our lives pork had a different meaning and place in our household but, that changed pretty quick the more Mary fell in love with Haddie. Soon there was no more pork products in the house and Mary quit eating meat all together. I was, and still are to this day, amazed at the changes and sacrifices she made for baby Haddie. How they love each other is evident everyday. To some people it seems hard for them to grasp the concept of someone loving a pig that much and this is a real pet peeve of mine: the people who don’t understand Mary’s love for Haddie, are the same people who love their dog like a child, IT IS THE SAME THING PEOPLE!!! Sorry, we have just had too many conversations with these individuals and I felt like yelling the last part. I had no idea the size of the pig owners community until Mary started working to spread awareness and help sanctuaries raise money. I was blown away, not just by the size of the community, but by the responsiveness of the owners to help out, wherever and whenever they were needed. It was unlike anything I have ever witnessed and it moved me. When Mary’s friend lost her little piggy, the outpouring of love and support was truly awe-inspiring and comforting. It made me proud to be a part of it, even if it is a small part and it gave me hope for the future. I ask that you just keep the family in your prayers even though I didn’t tell you who they are. If I get permission to share their names and such later I will come back and inform you. Haddie, any last words?

Be kind to each other and love always comes first. young haddie


One thought on “A Brief Interlude

  1. Haddie, you are so blessed to have a family that loves you so much. I am so sorry that your friend went to heaven long before their time. My heart goes out to their family. Being blessed with my 3 piggies I understand that they are so much more than a pet. Your mommy and daddy know it too and you are very lucky to have them. They know how fortunate they are to be blessed with you.


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