Well, hello everyone! young haddie

My name is Haddie Mae and this is my story, told by my dad Robert, so please listen close and we hope you enjoy!!!

Thank you sweetie for the introduction, now get down please, this chair is not big enough for the both of us anymore. Now where to begin. It seems so long ago now that it’s almost hard to remember a time before Haddie. Life was very different back then (I am only 4 dad, she says) and we did not know how much it was about to change, in more ways than one. Getting a pig (I NOT a PIG!! ; ok sweetie, quit side-seat writing please) was just something that came up one day in conversation with a young lady staying with us and the next thing we were headed to Tyler to buy not one, but three!! I was not sure how it happened but it did.

We met with the woman who sold us the 3 little piglets and made our choices (shhhhhh, do not repeat this too loud, but Haddie was not the one we bought for ourselves). Mary and I had picked the runt of the litter, a little male that, as it turned out, was still too young to be away from his mommie. We had no more gotten back home with him than we were headed to a specialist in San Antonio. Poor little guy died not long after arriving and we were pretty upset. We thought we had done something wrong but the Vet told us he was way too young. The lady had lied to us about his age. Mary was heartbroken, I was furious and Tyler was too far to drive for such a low life. WHAT!!!!!!!! I lost my little brother?!!!

haddie sad

I am soooooo sorry Haddie, you were not supposed to see that!! I am going to stop there for now folks and see about getting miss Haddie a treat to calm her nerves, good night and God Bless.


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